Architectural Guidelines

Houses are aesthetically integrated into the environment through detailed carefully constructed architectural guidelines


The building guidelines for your home are fairly relaxed and you do not need to stick to prescribed designs. We understand that everyone has their own idea of their dream bush home, and we therefore encourage you to design your own. Should you need an architect or contractor, we can advise you.

The following are some of the guidelines to which you will need to adhere:

  • Your home may have a footprint no smaller than 100 square meters and no bigger than 350 square meters.
  • Face brick colours need to blend in with your surroundings. Homes which are plastered will need to be painted in a colour which blends in with the surroundings.
  • Roofing material may be thatch, coloured chromadec or Harvey tile, in colours that blend in with the environment, to a maximum height of 9m.
  • Should your stand have electricity, it is required that you install gas geysers and stoves,  to reduce the load on the transformers.
  • Should you wish to be off the grid, all solar panels need to be incorporated into the design of your home.
  • In order to prevent light pollution, all globes need to be concealed.
  • Garages need to be blend in with the main structure and car ports need to be a permanent structure with a constructed roof.
  • An alarm needs to be installed and connected to the Nyathi security.
  • A swimming pool of up to 10 square meters is allowed but needs to be built in such a way as to prevent animals falling in.
  • No fencing is permitted around homes.

You are not required to start building within a time period but once building has begun, you need to be complete within one year.