Home Owners Association

Every owner is a member of the HOA

Nyathi was established in around 2005, and 2019 marked the 8th Annual General Meeting since the inception of the Nyathi Home Owners Association, and almost 11 years since the Nyathi Working Committee was created to take over the management of the farm from the developer. 

The Nyathi Home Owners Association is managed by a board of Directors comprising the following directors, with their portfolios:

Paul .J. Bowes

Chairman, Finances, Stakeholder Relations

Rachel J. Peattie

Board Secretary, Newsletter, Communications

Hubi H. von Moltke

Legal and Airfield management

Trevor .J. Day

Vice Chairman, Electricity, Marketing, Building committee & Communications

S.J. (Fanie) Fouche

General farm management and maintenance, Finances, Security, Building committee

Marc E.M Dieltjens

Marketing, Building committee

Bruce Furness


Lesley A. Mawhinney

Environmental, Web management

In addition the Nyathi team comprises:

Solly Molekoa who is the Farm Foreman and manages the team who keep Nyathi in tip top condition namely: Babsea Seramula,  Jacob Seopa, Julio Macie,  Steven Moketoa (our TLB driver who keeps our roads in great shape) and Ernest Motsomane (powers our tractor all around the farm).

Morris Malatjie and Richard Malatie our competent Security guards and dog handlers patrol the farm and look out for our security 24/7. And of course Kaptein and Febe our canine security guards are always on duty!

Completed Projects

In establishing Nyathi as a recognised and respected private Wildlife Conservancy a number of large projects have been successfully undertaken by the Board:  

  • The establishment of a security infrastructure manned by our on-site security team, trained-tracker dogs, regular security patrols and initiatives aligned to the Waterberg Security Initiative.  
  • Dams and infrastructure were rebuilt and improved following the destruction caused by the floods of 2014. New waterholes were constructed.
  • Selected new game was  purchased to augment our existing bloodlines and bring genetic diversity to the herds. New species will be introduced onto the farm once the rains and regeneration of the farm makes it feasible. 
  • The purchase of equipment including a TLB, trailers, woodchippers and vehicles, which are used to maintain the farm and the roads to the best possible standards. 
  • The Nyathi runway has been extended  to allow larger aircraft to land safely.
  • Scenic picnic sites have been discretely placed for the enjoyment of all residents. 
  • Ongoing environmental studies,  eco planning and sound game management  ensure a balanced ecosystem offering interesting game viewing experiences.


The building of robust financial and farm management processes has contributed to putting Nyathi into a strong and sustainable footing. As part of the larger Waterberg community Nyathi works with the surrounding neighbours to serve and protect the Greater Waterberg conservancy.

Looking forward, the key focus areas of the Board will include the continued rehabilitation of the farm, following the drought. Active game management including the possible introduction of new bloodlines and possibly new species (e.g. Sable) onto the farm. In addition, the Board will continue to focus on the sale of stands where surplus money accruing to the HOA can be ring-fenced to improve and upgrade the farms infrastructure.